14 dicembre 2005

ControlArms: fermiamo le pistole!

Amnesty, IANSA and Oxfam have just launched a global campaign aiming to stop gun running and control the arms trade - and they need your support now. Simply go to:Controlarms.org

I've already signed up and you can see my Face in the
Million Faces petition at: Controlarms.org/million_faces

Armed violence wrecks lives by fuelling conflict, poverty, and human rights abuses. The campaign is calling for an international Arms Trade Treaty which will make it harder for arms to get into the wrong hands.

Your support will help us to show that people - like you - around the world are outraged by arms trade abuses, and demand tougher arms controls. Act now at: Controlarms.org

Guarda il volantino e scaricalo per la tua organizzazione non governativa

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